BMW Sunglasses By Marcolin Define the BMW Legacy


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For avid BMW enthusiasts, the brand that stands at the pinnacle of the automotive and motorcycle realm now extends its dominance into the realm of eyewear. Embarking on a thrilling journey with Victor Cruz and fellow aficionados at the BMW Performance Center in Thermal, California, near Palm Springs, we put these exceptional glasses through their paces in a style trial, ensuring they live up to the high standards set by the iconic BMW driving experience.

This new eyewear collection seamlessly captures the magnetic charm of BMW vehicles, infusing cutting-edge technical solutions for the ultimate driving style. Whether you’re a devoted BMW fan or someone captivated by sleek and modern aesthetics, this collection is tailored to suit your distinct taste.

Drawing inspiration from visionary concepts that reimagine both sunglasses and optical frames, these styles integrate unique BMW elements. The exclusive details on the temples and rims echo the design of headlights, the graceful forms of airflow vents, and the sophisticated contours reminiscent of a BMW’s sleek silhouette.

Devotees of high design will revel in the titanium frames distinguished by their flexible, slim temples and an unmistakable, streamlined style. Refined angles, sophisticated contours, metal inserts, and side spoilers are the new features that elevate these sunglasses to a league of their own. The range includes styles with Hi-Contrast lenses, perfect for driving, offering glare protection and sharpness while ensuring clear visibility of LCD screens inside the car.

For those inspired by the racing world, the BMW M Motorsport line introduces youthful and edgy styles. These sporty frames boast dynamic lines, with the iconic and vibrant racing stripes of the BMW M Motorsport series serving as unmistakable brand identifiers.

This collection is not merely a seasonal trend; it is a standout representation of summer style that transcends time. BMW Sunglasses By Marcolin embody a perfect blend of innovation, sophistication, and the timeless allure that defines the BMW legacy.

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