Chocolate and Art are at the Heart of Puerto Vallarta


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For enthusiasts of Mexico, contemporary artisans continue the rich legacy of ancient Mexican civilizations by skillfully employing traditional methods, folklore, and religious customs in their arts and crafts. Harnessing the diverse raw materials that mirror the country’s geographic richness, Mexico’s artistic heritage encompasses a wide array of pottery styles, woodcarvings, paper crafts, metalware, blown glass, and traditional bead art and embroidery.

Embarking on an artistic journey through Puerto Vallarta unveils a captivating world of creativity. From street murals passionately depicting the plight of coral reefs to culturally significant sculptures embellishing the Malecon, the city’s vibrant art scene beckons exploration. The finely detailed works of the Huichol people, alongside modern expressionist paintings, contribute to the thriving and inviting ambiance of Puerto Vallarta.

Dedicated gallery owners, exemplified by Kevin Simpson of Galeria Colectika, have forged deep connections with the Huichol community, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship for over two decades. Similarly, Gary Thompson, the owner of Galeria Pacifico, stands as a longstanding advocate for the arts in Puerto Vallarta, guiding weekly Art Walks on the Malecon. During these tours, he passionately shares the city’s history, elucidating the significance of sculptures by renowned artists such as Ramiz Barquet, Alejandro Colunga, and Sergio Bustamonte. The narratives surrounding each piece, coupled with the artists’ biographies, enrich the cultural tapestry found in the galleries, courtyards, and streets of Puerto Vallarta.

At the ChocoMuseo, visitors delve into the fascinating world of Cacao, learning about its cultivation, production, and culinary applications. While Cacao is grown globally along the equator, its native roots in the Amazon Basin find expression in Mexican cuisine. The ChocoMuseo in Puerto Vallarta not only offers an enticing selection of handmade chocolates and confections but also conducts immersive chocolate-making classes. The bean-to-bar workshops prove to be both educational and enjoyable for chocolate enthusiasts, providing a unique opportunity for small groups to create their own chocolate delights to take home. ChocoMuseo Puerto Vallarta stands as a delightful intersection of culture and culinary artistry.

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