Sacai’s Latest Collection is All About Innovation


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The dance between Japanese fashion houses and avant-garde designers has evolved into a captivating narrative of creativity, craftsmanship, and expressive rebellion. Rather than relying on ‘shock and awe’ tactics to define modernism, the Japanese prioritize questioning proportions, deconstruction, and challenging conventions.


In her Fall/Winter 2023 collection for Sacai, designer Chitose Abe seamlessly integrates her distinctive fusion philosophy, placing reconstruction, realignment, and bold elegance at the forefront. Inspired by the challenges of COVID lockdown and motherhood, two impactful life events that shape her expressions, Abe transforms these experiences into a visionary fashion statement.


Abe’s collection for Fall/Winter 2023 embodies the concept of ‘Clothes that look different, coming and going.’ It takes the familiar and makes it challenging, rendering the silhouette wondrous from every perspective. Through subtle transgressions, the designer skillfully alters seams and garment sections, revealing the construction or flesh beneath. What might appear as a complex fusion of peplums, a patchwork of fabric swatches, or a mesmerizing interplay of cuts and asymmetry is, in fact, a captivating blend of craftsmanship.


This collection introduces a shape-shifting refinement to the fashion landscape, offering a wearable and refined ensemble that embraces challenges. Abe infuses the line with a delightful touch of subversion, making Sacai’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection a testament to the designer’s artistry and ability to bring innovation to the forefront.

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