Ligne St Barth: Three New Fragrances for Men


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Experience the essence of the Caribbean with Ligne St Barth fragrances, imbued with the spice, spirit, and flavors of the islands to elevate your summer with revitalizing sensuality. This season introduces three captivating Eau de Parfums tailored for men.

Ligne St Barth

Vetiver Eau de Parfum
This refined fragrance captures the essence of a sunny Caribbean morning after a stormy night. The fresh, green, plant-rich scent is complemented by island citrus, herbs, and spicy Jamaican Pepper, providing an elegant tropical finish.

Ligne St Barth

L’Original Eau de Parfum
Renowned worldwide, L’Original perfectly encapsulates the Caribbean experience. Its evocative scent transports you to the gentle sway of palm trees in the trade winds, capturing the invigorating salty sea spray. Fresh citrus notes and aromatic touches of lavender and rosemary enhance the essence of the islands.

Immerse yourself in the unique vibrancy of each Eau de Parfum from Ligne St Barth, as they truly transport you to the captivating days and nights spent on the Caribbean Islands.

Photography: David Lewis Taylor

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