Seahorse Hotel in Telchac: Tranquil and Serene


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Our expedition across the Yucatan Peninsula left us spellbound and amazed, especially as we explored the ancient marvels of the Mayan civilization. Each road we took unveiled a new adventure, with discoveries waiting at every turn – from tiny villages and fishing communities to diverse nature reserves, flamingo-filled bays, and sprawling farmlands, all set against the backdrop of an endless azure sky.


While we relished the attractions and stopovers on our journey, we longed for a slower pace, a touch of indulgence, and a serene atmosphere. Our arrival at the Seahorse Hotel in Telchac was timed perfectly, with dusk casting cooling shadows from the palm trees across the compound. The reception area, a spacious palapa, welcomed us with warmth and genuine hospitality. Stepping into the modern whitewashed building, we were instantly drawn to the inviting sight of the pool, sandy beach, hammocks, and shaded lounging spots.


The contemporary rooms took us by surprise, blending traditional Yucatan craftsmanship and vibrant colors in a modern and minimalist style. With only 12 rooms, some facing the tropical gardens and others the Gulf of Mexico, the Seahorse’s intimate setting naturally brought everyone together. We enjoyed savoring cocktails by the pool before a delicious dinner that had us looking forward to breakfast even before we finished eating—perhaps the influence of the tequila!

Our tranquil night was filled with laughter and friendly exchanges with the attentive staff. Time seemed to linger in the unhurried atmosphere of the Yucatan, yet our day at the Seahorse passed swiftly. Starting with a delightful Mexican breakfast, we indulged in kayaking, lounged on the emerald beach, and relaxed by the pool with a good book. A leisurely bike ride preceded a tantalizing dinner that satisfied both our thirst and appetite. The following day followed suit, leaving us more relaxed than we’d been in ages.


However, what truly made our stay at the Seahorse unforgettable was not just the fantastic food, beautiful rooms, and stunning location. It was the genuine warmth and exceptional hospitality of the staff, always eager to assist, whether bringing us kayaks or serving cocktails while we lounged. The Seahorse provided a perfect interlude for ‘me-time’ from the bustle of everyday life, offering a modern, distinctive, and fun-filled way to experience the Yucatan’s cherished tradition of welcoming hospitality. Seahorse Telchac truly left an indelible mark on our hearts.

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